Taylor Nursery

Where quality and customer service is our number one priority.




The Taylor Nursery offers its customers small town business with exceptional high quality choices of flowers, small shrubs,  mid size trees, and large B and B trees.  We can do landscaping designs, residential or commercial plant jobs, and  build  retaining walls.



Taylor Nursery does residential jobs.  Price varies by the distance, but all Dickinson residents have free delivery.
Taylor Nursery also handles large business jobs.  We can transport large loads of insulating mulch or specific rock.

Owners Reid and Ann Vaagan
Employers Robyn Rebel

Bernie Staudinger

Tammy Shaper

"The Crew"

Brandon Myran

Lance Haugen

Dillon Diede

Derek Northtrip

James Miller 

Taylor Nursery work 7A.M. to 5P.M.  A scheduled time of work can be arranged under certain circumstances. 

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