Tech Support

How to connect a school laptop to your network

  • Login into the laptop with the following credentials:
    • Username:  .\rths 
    • Password: covid
  •  Click accept for setup prompt(s)
  • Connect to your network.
    • Make sure the WIFI switch is on.
    • Click on the wireless icon in the lower right task bar.
    • Find your home wireless network and click it.
    • Enter your network password.
  • Once you are connected and signed in, you can proceed to your Office 365 account on the internet.  You may now use your school email account and password, or the above mentioned username and password to log into your computer.


How to access assignments using Teams in Office 365


RTPSD Tech Support Contact Information

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.
    •  After hours and on weekends, contact tech support by email.
  • RTPS students (grades 4-12) contact:
    • Mr. Jerry Aluise
      • (701)974-2111 ext. 1066
    • Mrs. Amber Bartz
      • (701)974-2111 ext.1052
  • TRE Students (grades pk-3):
    • Mrs. Cindy Dohrmann
      • (701)974-3585


Acceptable Use Policy

Due to the ever-changing nature of the technology involved with the internet, Richardton-Taylor High School reserves the right to modify this policy to deal with unforeseen circumstances that must be dealt with for the protection of the students and the system.

  •  Acceptable Use of the Internet
    • A general rule that applies to every user every time he or she is on the Internet is this: BE POLITE and ABIDE BY ALL THE GUIDELINES, POLICIES AND REGULATIONS to which you have agreed by signing an “acceptable use” document.
    • Students and teachers will have access to:
      • electronic mail communication with people all over the world;
      •  information from the U.S. Government and all its various agencies, including Congressional bills, census data, and more information than could be read in a lifetime;
      • public domains and shareware of every conceivable type;
      • access to the Library of Congress and many libraries of major universities across America, as well as a wide variety of research agencies which store, up-date and share thousands of articles on endless topics.
  • Unacceptable Use of the Internet
    • Use of the network for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other contracts;
    • Use of the network for financial or commercial gain;
    • Degrade or disrupt equipment, software or system performance;
    • Vandalize the data of another user;
    • Wastefully use finite resources such as paper or ink;
    • Gain unauthorized access to resources or entities;
    • Invade the privacy of individuals;
    • Use an account/password/login of another user;
    • Post personal communications without the original author’s consent;
    • Post anonymous messages;
    • Download, store or print ANY files or messages which are profane, obscene, or that use language which offends or tends to degrade others;
    • Violate any “content guideline” which will be imposed by the school. (Content guidelines will explain in detail exactly what materials will be allowed or not allowed for access and publication by network users.