Mrs. Messer’s 6th Grade Home Page

This year our 6th grade class has 34 students!  So, they have been divided into two  classrooms.  I spend   part of the day with one group; Mrs. Bartz  spends part of her day with the other group.  We each teach a math group.  I will teach science to one group while Mrs. Tutorow teaches history to the other group!  Then, at semester time, we will switch!   Mrs. Caranicas will help me  teach reading, language, and spelling to one group while I teach the same subjects to another group.  Students will be more exposed to having other teachers this way.   This should help make the transition into junior high easier.  Here are a few pictures of my new room!

The first picture is one of my tank filled with koi and goldfish.  The next picture  I won at a teacher’s class I took at the local university.  It is a Spanish galleon that once sailed the seas.  Inside the aquarium  you can also see  a sunken  galleon.

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We have laptops for each student this year!  Above the computers are pictures about the 8 Parts of Speech. Next to that is a picture of my reading corner.  As you can tell my classroom theme revolves around the ocean.  I even got royal blue bean bags this year!  Lastly, is a picture of my double bookshelf, complete with a miniature Spanish Galleon perched on top.

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6th graders  will engage in hands on activities such as  creating lap books, designing 3-D reports,  and enjoying  classroom visits with people like Pat Lothspeich of Game and Fish, or one of the weather guys from KFYR.  Our classroom has a reading corner by the fish tank, and a Epson  Board with individual hand held Expressions for  student interaction.  Each student has access to a personal laptop which is used throughout the curriculum for   research, educational games and videos, and  Microsoft Office.





img_6607Pat Lothspeich, Game & Fish, comes each year. Usually he brings along a mountain lion pelt and a slide show about mountain lions in North Dakota.


In the spring we use our growing lights to grow vegies and flowers!

Every fall  students learn about the wild plants and weeds of North Dakota and  make power point collections.  Then, as we have for many years,  the students trek over to the former Taylor Tree Nursery where Buck Haas acquaints him with his trees.   Each student collects leaves  and presses them for individual  leaf collections.















Art is taught by Katie Hoselton who meets with the students weekly.







Art Class

Art Class







img_5747  Here is my winter  bulletin board covered with large, handmade snowflakes, cut  out from folded paper made by myself and the students.  It looked like a Winter Wonderland!  Below, is the door covered by a pine tree made from green handprints which the students traced and cut out.  Students curled the fingers to resemble branches on the  tree!  Small snowflakes and snowmen made an added touch!

img_6049    img_5688  The snowman 3-D language arts project added to the wintry effect!